Steve Bukovac Candidate Questionnaire 2011

The Amherst News Times asked each candidate in this year’s election four specific questions regarding ourselves and the City of Amherst, Ohio. The questions and answers were published in the paper this past Wednesday, November 1st. For those that do not receive the paper, I have listed the the questions and the answers from me below for you to read. If there is anything I can answer or help with, please contact me anytime.

Thank you for your continued support!


Steve Bukovac
Your Ward 1 Councilman

  1. [Amherst News Times] Please provide pertinent background information about yourself:
    [Steve Bukovac]
    I was raised in Amherst’s 1st Ward on South Lake Street, attended Amherst schools and graduated from Marion L. Steele.  I have lived the majority of my life here in Amherst. I’m proud to have been raised here and proud to be raising my family here. I am a small business owner, with 15 years Corporate Managerial experience included within 26+ years of Corporate IT experience. I have experience in working with large scale budgets, project planning, as well as working with and managing people. It has been a wonderful two years as your Councilman, and I am happily seeking re-election this November to continue serving you.
  2. What two issues in the city (besides flooding) require council’s immediate attention?
    [Steve Bukovac] First, with the overall economy remaining weak, and state and federal monies are likely to be decreasing and putting additional strain on out budget, we must continue smart spending of our current tax dollars. Projects and general spending need to be done with long term vision, careful planning, and common sense. Secondly, we need to increase revenue, without increasing the tax burden on the residents. To do so, we need to encourage smart business growth within the city and entice investment into our town without losing our small town feeling. As we try to bring in more business, we must continue to protect our residential areas from commercial sprawl.
  3. Flooding is a major issue for residents of Amherst. How would you, as a councilmember, suggest council and the administration move forward?
    [Steve Bukovac] This issue has not developed overnight, and will not be cured overnight. We must stay focused on a long term solution while providing relief to residents in the short term.  I have suggested, and will continue to push for a long term plan to be developed that will fit within the financial capabilities of the city. That planning needs to start with identifying the infrastructure’s problem causing areas, establishing the long term budget, and developing a plan of action that gives us the best overall solution within the budget constraints defined. We have initiated the investigative phase. This will not be inexpensive, and we need to be sure to develop a solution that we can financially live with.
  4. Why should voters select you?
    [Steve Bukovac] I am your Councilman for the right reasons. I do not have any political agenda. Quite simply, I love Amherst. Amherst has been a wonderful place for me and my family and I am here to give back to our great community. I believe that starts with us, you and I, the residents of Amherst. When I sit in Amherst’s Council Chambers, I am your representative, I am your voice. Every decision I make is always with what’s best for Amherst in mind. Not for me, but for us. I have more work experience, more government experience, more life experience, more knowledge, more community, more vision, and more passion – these are the reasons that make me the right choice to continue serving you as your Ward 1 Councilman.

Steve Bukovac


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